Parchim International

A Film by Stefan Eberlein and Manuel Fenn
90 min

A small airport in Mecklenburg and a Chinese investor with a great vision. Provincial farce and intelligent culture clash comedy between Parchim and Beijing.


In 2007 the chinese investor Jonathan Pang purchased an old military airbase in a remote area of northern Germany.
Wanting to create an international hub in Parchim he intends to connect China, Europe and Africa by – no less than – diverting the flow of international freight via this remote location.

His vision clashes with the reality of this remote and forgotten part of Germany.
The air strip – out of use for some 17 years – crumbles; none of the staff speak any English; the wild boar – however – shot on the grounds of the company tastes exquisite.
Whilst Pangs German advisor Werner Knan gets tangled up in a swamp of german bureaucracy, Pang travels the world, staunchly spreading to all the friends of a global trade his mantra of a devine Parchim: ”It’s like heaven!”

The film makers Stefan Eberlein and Manuel Fenn accompanied the investor for seven years, encountering new rich Chinese business people, a slightly over-stretched German councillor, a well connected networking German depute, and facing the remotest Chinese provinces.

This documentary relates the encounter of different cultures and belief systems: a tragicomedy with bitter insights into the bizarre reality of capitalism.

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Author and Director: Stefan Eberlein
Co-Director and Cinematographer: Manuel Fenn
Additional Cinematographer: Thomas Bresinsky/ Michael Weihrauch
Sound: Urs Krüger/ Immo Trümpelmann u.a.
Production Manager China: Jan Kern
Executive Producer: Michael Weihrauch
Mixing: Valentin Finke
Title Designer: Stefanie Saghri
Editor: Antonia Fenn
Music: Eckart Gadow
Producer: Kathrin Lemme
Editorial Staff: Eric Friedler (NDR)


Production company
Lemme Film GmbH in co-production with NDR

TV Station

Film Funds
BKM/ DFFF/Nordmedia/Filmförderung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Filmförderung Hamburg

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