Painful Peace

A Film by Anne Thoma

A film about the difficult everyday life of three youths in Kosovo, the traces of war and the struggle for a new nation.


1999: civil war in Kosovo. First the Serbian-Yugoslavian troops massacred the Albanians who had been resisting domination by Serbia. The West intervened and the NATO bombed Serbiaand parts of the Kosovo for 78 days.This was followed by acts of retaliation by the Albaniansagainst the Serbians. The most expensive mission in thehistory of the UNO began. Up to thepresent day a small Serbian minority, comprising only five per cent of the total population, isonly able to live in Kosovo under the protection of an international peace corps. Kosovo 2007: Labinot, Lorenc and Milica – three youths eight years after the civil war. They want nothing more than to live as normal teenagers, to dance, laugh and flirt. But the wounds inflicted by the war are very deep. For two years the documentation accompanies Milica, Labinot and Lorenc in their everyday life. It showcases the difficulties, contradictions and insurmountable obstacles, but also the glimmers of hope and portrays the fate of these young individuals in their attempt to forget the war and to grow up in the midst of this upheaval.


Director: Anne Thoma
Cinematographer: Johann Feindt, Hans Rombach
Sound: Bernd von Bassewitz, Oliver Prasnikar, Oliver Lumpe
Editor: Florian Miosge
Narration: Fritzi Haberlandt, u.a.
Music: Mathias Petsche
Producers: Stefan Eberlein, Manuel Fenn
Editorial Staff: Hubert von Spreti (BR), Monika Lobkowicz (BR/ARTE), Jochen Kölsch (BR/ARTE), Dr. Thomas Weymar (Telepool)


Production company

TV Station

Gewinner BR/Telepool Dokumentarfilmpreis 20016
Gerda Henkel Stiftung

First Steps Award

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