Science and Crime

A Film by Kirsten Esch
52 Min. (Arte) / 45 Min. (ARD)


As the largest and most important of three, in addition to Poznan and Prague – the Reichsuniversität of Strasbourg was the heart project of Hitler. This University played a special role: In the middle of the war, it is said to be the bastion of Germanism against the hostile West and, at the same time, be a missionary station for the National Socialist world order. After the war and the defeat of Nazi Germany it becomes clear: the medical faculty was the most criminal of the German Reich Universities. The dean of this faculty was Johannes Stein. He is the grandfather of film director and author Kirsten Esch.

In the film, Kirsten Esch reflects on her mother’s personal documentations and stories  and deals with her own family history. The result is a contemporary historical documentation about the lifestyle of a National Socialist elite, which found its miserable end at the Reich University of Strasbourg.



The „Forschung und Verbrechen – die Reichsuniversität Straßburg“ won

 the deutsch-französischen Journalistenpreis 2019 !


Author and Director: Kirsten Esch

Cinematographer: Roland Breitschuh

Sound: Ralf Gromann/ Silvio Reichenbach

Editor: Robert Vakily

Music: Wolfgang Neumann

Producer: Stefan Eberlein

Editorial Staff: Gabriele Trost, Mark Willock (SWR) Peter Gottschalk (Arte)

Production company: Filmbüro-Süd

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