A Film by Stefan Eberlein 
45 min. (ARD / BR)

Long planned cardiac surgery of children is postponed at short notice. Rescue teams with young emergency patients on board puzzle over which clinic they can approach. Parents have to commute to distant clinics. The result of the lack of nursing staff are unoccupied beds. The payment system does not adequately take into account the time- and cost-intensive treatment of sick children. Why is our healthcare system neglecting the weakest, our children?


Director: Stefan Eberlein

Cinematographer: Thomas Bresinsky/Michael Leuthner/Micha Bojanowski/Manuel Fenn

Sound: Daniel Assmann/Dirk Dietrich/Jonathan Schorr

Editor: Robert Vakily

Narrator: Christian Baumann

Producer: Stefan Eberlein

Editorial Staff: Eva Herzum, Astrid Harms-Limmer (BR)

Production company: Filmbüro Süd