A tale of Singers and Murderers

A Film by Stefan Eberlein
90 min

A documentary ballade about a song contest in russian prisons.


They sing about love, war and forgiveness. The voices pertain to drug dealers, thieves or murderers jailed in one of the about thousand Russian prisons or penal camps. They all dream about becoming part of the song contest “Kalina Krasnaya“. Each of the approximately 700,000 Russian prisoners has the opportunity to participate. Natalia Abashkina, director of the show, travels tirelessly through the country looking for talents and caring about her fosterlings. 
The film explores the world behind bars, reflects the social reality of a state still characterized by arbitrariness and brutality – and encounters people who, in the penal camps, discover their artistic soul.

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Author and Director: Stefan Eberlein
Co-Director and Production Manager Russia: Dmitrii Pervushin
Cinematographer: Denis Klebleev/ Manuel Fenn
Sound: Sorin Apostol/ Ingo Burghardt
Editor: Ulrike Tortora
Music: Gregor Hübner/ Gerd Baumann
Producers: Stefan Eberlein/Manuel Fenn
Editorial Staff: Gudrun Hanke – El Ghomri (SWR)/ Jutta Krug (WDR)


Production company
Filmbüro-Süd in co-production with SWR and WDR

TV Station

Film Funds
FFF Bayern/ MFG Baden Württemberg/ Renovabis

Artdokfest Moskau
Dokfest München
Filmkunstfest Schwerin
Krakau Filmfestival

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